F U N E R A L  C E L E B R A N T

Hello, I'm Alice

During my life I’ve encountered many experiences, but none more difficult than dealing with the death of a loved one. We can sometimes deal with the grieving process but seldom do we give ourselves the required time and consideration to overcome a loss properly. A grief counsellor can help you through the process of grieving and provide you with the tools to develop a more positive approach thereafter.

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My Story

A B O U T  A L I C E

I lost my mother at a young age and hence dealing with grief and bereavement is something I have learnt to understand and live with throughout my life. I am a trained counsellor and therapist and I specialise in grief and bereavement counselling.

As a fully trained funeral celebrant I pride myself in giving my clients an individual, dedicated and compassionate service, which truly meets their needs and celebrates the life of the deceased loved one they seek to honour.

My eulogies are individually written with the help and information provided by the family or friends of the deceased and in so doing I am able to fully appreciate and understand how they wish to remember their dearly departed. I hope by providing a truly befitting eulogy my clients are also able to achieve some closure at such an emotional time. I will arrange a meeting with you, so that I can gather as much information as required and create the eulogy, at a time to suit you.

It is an honour to be entrusted with providing this service to my clients and I believe in giving the best possible portrayal of the life story and memories shared with me. For me this is a true vocation and one I will always carry out to the best of my ability.

I offer a hand to hold at such a difficult time and will be there to guide you should you wish to share some memories during the service, to recite a poem or just want to say a few words of your own.