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F U N E R A L   C E L E B R A N T   S E R V I C E S

What is a Funeral Celebrant?

Funeral celebrants are ceremony specialists who create and officiate personalized ceremonies.  They collaborate closely with families and loved ones to ensure the ceremony truly reflects the personality of the individual being honoured.

Losing someone close to you can be a traumatic experience and at such a difficult time it is reassuring to know that you can rely on a funeral celebrant to present a funeral eulogy befitting of your loved one, whether it be your husband, wife, sibling or another family member.

Funeral celebrants are sensitive and responsive to client requests to make sure the ceremony is respectful of their preferences and beliefs. They are often chosen by families who prefer a non-religious or non-denominational ceremony, as they do not impose a faith-based agenda within their ceremony work.

At Harmony Funeral Celebrant we provide individual, compassionate eulogy writing and presenting for Cremations, Burial Services, Civil Funeral Services and Memorials.

T R A I N E D  S P E C I A L I C I S T

Your Funeral Celebrant
Alice Hutcheson

Your Harmony funeral celebrant Alice will spend time getting to know about the life story of your dearly departed and through a thoughtful and considerate process of discussion with you and your family, will create a fitting tribute that reflects the life of the person you knew so well. In meeting you, Alice will establish your preference for the type of eulogy that you desire, she can help to guide you with fitting verses, music or poems that could form an appropriate part of the funeral service.


W H A T  W E  D O

Celebrant Duties

At Harmony Funeral Celebrant, we believe that every life is worth honouring and that each end-of-life ceremony should be meaningful, be it a funeral, a memorial, an ash-scattering or something quite different.

The best funeral celebrants aren’t simply well trained; they inherently have the aptitude and personal qualities necessary to be successful within this challenging role. Harmony Funeral Celebrants have the skills and expertise to guide your family through the many options to consider for a ceremony.  They will be responsive to your intentions and expectations for the ceremony.  They know what works well, yet will be eager to find and suggest something new. At Harmony Funeral Celebrant, we will provide alternatives for you to consider, not just direction.

You can expect a bit of passion about getting your ceremony just right.  Harmony Funeral Celebrant knows how significant a meaningful ceremony can be when experiencing a loss and will do their darnedest to exceed your expectations.

The best compliment a funeral celebrant receives is when a guest asks: “How long did you know the deceased?”.  It means the funeral celebrant-touch was successful and that the ceremony truly reflected the person being honoured.


F U N E R A L  C E L E B R A N T


At Harmony Funeral Celebrant we provide individual, compassionate eulogy writing and presenting for...


A cremation service is similar to other funeral services, in that the order of service can follow a religious ritual or it can be personalised by the family.


Burials usually take place in a churchyard or cemetery, and you can choose between using an existing grave or buying a new one.

Civil Service

A civil funeral ceremony focuses on celebrating the life of the person who has died. It is created by a professional celebrant who will come and talk to you about the wide range of choices for content and the style of the ceremony


A memorial service is an opportunity for friends and family to pay their respects after the loss of a loved one. Distinct from a funeral service, a memorial service is a ceremony for the mourners to honour loved one, but no burial or cremation is involved.

You may need funeral celebrant services at a Cremation, a Burial Service, a Civil Service or even a Memorial.

I can travel throughout Kent area and I work primarily in Rochester,Chatham and the Medway area and surrounding areas. 


At a standard funeral service

Writing and presenting eulogy

Located in Medway area  


(Travel costs outside Kent to be agreed on an individual basis.)

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